Unit 11: business creation assignment feedback

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As   Assignment Title Progression
Unit No & Title Unit 11: Preparation for Progression (6 x L3 credits)
Student Name & Group Kiera Bennett
Tutor Name Niall Bruckshaw
Assessment Date 12th September – 9th June


Assessment Criteria Tutor Feedback
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1 Progression Routes

U 11. 1.1 – Critically describe progression routes and related application processes within art and design education or related employment

U 11. 1.2 – Use knowledge and understanding of progression routes and related application processes to support own development and meet identified goals

All elements of this portfolio present and correct.



Communication Skills

U 11. 2.1 – Critically describe the communication skills and knowledge required to make application to progression routes within art and design

U 11. 2.2 – Use understanding of the communication skills and knowledge required to make application to progression routes within art and design to support own development and meet identified goals

All elements of this portfolio present and correct.




Presentation Skills

U 11. 3.1 – Critically describe the presentation skills and knowledge required to make applications to progression routes within art and design

U 11. 3.2 – Use understanding of the presentation skills and knowledge required to make application to progression routes within art and design to support own development and meet identified goals

All elements of this portfolio present and correct. Presentation was 6 mins long and was detailed and confident in its execution.




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Niall Bruckshaw

Date 12/06/2017


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I confirm that the attached portfolio is all my own work and does not include any work completed by anyone other than myself.

Student Signature Kiera Bennett


Date 15/06/17




Unit 13: conclusion evaluation

Overall I’m pleased with what I have created , from starting the year with creating only a double paged spread, front and back I’ve now learned enough to create a full on magazine complete with editors letter and adverts, I’m proud of what I’ve managed to achieve in these last few weeks and I’m proud that I’ve made something as big as I have and something that’s completely my own not a replicated design, just purely my own design with elements from other magazines mixed into it to make it more interesting.

As stated a lot throughout this assignment I feel like there are many different things that I would have liked to improve upon or changed in the beginning I said I wanted to create a 360 degree painting, something that I thought could have replaced the traditional idea of getting a pull-out poster as readers could perhaps get a link to it and become immersed within the universe of a film but unfortunately as much as I tried I just couldn’t get my head around drawing objects within a three dimensional space and my lack of perspective knowledge didn’t help either and so in the end I cut it from the magazine but creating a 360 degree environment is something that I definitely want to try in the future, other thing such as not creating any typography or using my artist style’s appropriately was something that I wish I’d changed as well as having more fonts within my magazine so that my adverts could have looked a bit better but other that those things and the other points I’ve mentioned within my evaluation I feel pleased with what I’ve achieved.

Throughout my assignment I’ve learned more about the software I used to create my magazine for example I learned more about Illustrator and how to successfully use the pen tool to create little logos that I could use for my magazine, I also learned more about InDesign and how I could set it up to create more than just a double paged spread I also learned more about using the rulers to make my magazine pages more accurate and neat. I learned more about sketchbook pro and the paintbrushes that allowed me to get a painterly feel for my finished illustrations, I also learned a lot about writing articles and learning about how to write an audience analysis for my own product which I found insightful so overall I’ve learned a lot whilst doing this assignment which I feel pleased about because I feel that the skills I’ve learned doing this assignment I can take with me and practice upon to get better at using software and also designing things.

I feel that I’ve used my time effectively because I got everything finished on time and wasn’t late with my deadline so I feel that I used my time effectively to get all of my illustrations done on time as well as creating all of my logos and writing up my articles as well as putting it all together I thought I did well with the time that I had, there wasn’t any safety concerns with my project because I wasn’t doing anything that involved using scissors or anything sharp, the only thing that I would have said would have been a safety concern was the amount of hours I was working on my computer but I took breaks so that I didn’t strain my eyes to much etc.

This assignment was different in comparison to my previous assignment because in my previous assignment I was working on my contextual studies book which was different to my FMP because my contextual book was just  a book filled with different artists and discussion topics so that was different to my magazine because my magazine focused on one topic and was geared towards an audience whereas my contextual book was just filled with topics that I liked or wanted to discuss so the work was very different.

In comparison to my peers work I think that my work is good and whilst I’ve seen little bits and pieces of the work that people are creating I feel that my work is good because it’s varied and we’ve all created something unique so I cannot compare myself to my peers because as mentioned we’ve all done different things but it was definitely interesting to see what we’ve all done as a class and I’m proud of what I’ve achieved.


Unit 13: Technique evaluation

I chose to work with both digital and traditional media because I am more comfortable working in digital media but also for this academic year at college I started to sketch out my designs on paper rather than the computer because by doing this I realized that I was getting my ideas out quicker than what I would on the computer because I would spend time trying to get my idea almost perfect whereas by drawing my initial sketches on paper and then continuing to develop them on paper I found that I was less likely to try and make them look pretty but instead just be loose and sketchy to get my idea out so that I could move onto designing things on the computer quicker. I chose to work with digital media because as said I’m more comfortable working with digital media and I wanted to try and learn a few more things with the software we use to create our work with, in my case I wanted to learn more about InDesign and Illustrator and I thought that by creating a magazine I would be able to learn more about both of these software’s so that’s why I chose to work with these types of media.

I feel that the final quality of my magazine came out rather well, there are still some things that could be improved upon such as my art styles used for my illustrations and also my fonts could have been added to so that I had a variety of fonts to use within my magazine for things such as advertisements but overall, I’m happy with how my magazine came out.

The presentation of my blog is professional as my blog posts are titled according to what Unit it is I’m working on as well as what sort of research I’m doing, this way it keeps all of my unit together nicely and makes it easier to flip through, also this year I’ve started to collect all of my units into categories on my blog so that it makes them easier to get to so that people who view my blog do not have to scroll endlessly through pages and pages of work, this way if they wanted a specific unit all they would have to do would be to click on the link and then all the work that was done for that unit would be in one place and easily accessible.

There is some variety within my work as I used a pencil and fine liner to create all of my initial sketches and then I used digital software such as Sketchbook Pro/Illustrator and InDesign to create my final magazine with so there was some collaboration between different mediums but not a lot and to date I think the most amount of traditional to digital art I’ve done was on my FMP for my first year of college but that doesn’t mean to say that in the future I wouldn’t like to experiment more with different mediums and digital software.

My illustrations work well in terms of the rule of thirds as when setting up grids I’ve found that a majority of my illustration hits where the lines meet thus leading the eye all around the illustration for example looking at ‘The imitation game’ piece I did most of the lines in my grid hit interest points such as the window as well as the doorframes and Alan so all of those points are the main focus of the piece so I feel that if I were to do the same with my other illustrations that they would line up alright as well so I feel that my work fits with the rules of composition.

I think that the overall neatness of my layout is something that I did well because it looks professional as it’s all neat and tidy, my articles are neatly placed into columns and my images are placed neatly with even spacing around them. I feel that my illustrations worked well for me because I feel that they draw the reader in more as whereas usually most film magazines only have white pages and text with some images. I feel that by creating illustrations of the films and then placing them with some background knowledge of the director who directs the film it makes it more interesting to read because there’s something else to look at on the page, not just a blank white page with some text and writing, my article pages have pops of colour that draw the attention of the reader to the article more than what I think plain white pages do so I feel that there was some things that I managed to do well and somethings that I didn’t do so well that have already been mentioned in previous paragraphs such as not having enough fonts and not sticking to my artist styles nor using typography like I should have done considering I did research for it I think it would have been wise to use it I think but none the less these are things I can take away with me and hopefully improve upon and correct over time.

If I was to do this again I would make sure that I had plenty of fonts to choose from as well as some typography of my own to include within my magazine to make it more creative and exciting to look at, I would have also liked to have perhaps done a review on some technology or create a competition or something to make my film magazine more accurate to today’s popular film magazines.

Unit 13: Target audience evaluation

My magazine is fit for my target audience of 12+ as I made sure that my articles didn’t contain any swear words or any complicated language, the only difficult language that my magazine has is film terminology for some of the shots that are used within the films but if my audience do not know what those terms mean then can go on the internet and find the terms out if they need to but I think the shots I mention are self-explanatory for most of them so I feel that my magazine fits in with my target audience because the content for my magazine is non-explicit and therefore is safe for everyone to read, the images and illustrations I have created aren’t mature in any way and so they are also appropriate for my target audience so I feel that my magazine is fit for my audience.

My magazine meets my brief as I knew from the start of the assignment that I wanted to create another magazine and I have fulfilled my brief as I haven’t changed my concept at all and have stuck with it throughout the duration of my assignment. As mentioned above the content within my magazine isn’t explicit in any ways, my reviews don’t contain any swear words or any offensive words so I definitely feel that my use of language is appropriate.

My magazine communicates my concept clearly because from the get go I wanted to create a film magazine and so I feel that it definitely communicates my concept of film reviews and information as my reviews are laid out like a review and if a member of my audience was to pick my magazine up and read it they would instantly know that it is a film and television based magazine.

My magazine is sex/race/age appropriate because anyone that’s considered to be within my target audience can read my magazine also my magazine isn’t defined by gender nor by race as stated in my audience analysis I wanted my magazine to be available to everyone so I definitely feel that my magazine is appropriate for my intended target audience age range but also, it’s appropriate for anyone of any gender or race.

The context of my magazine affects my audience in a mixed way because they could read my reviews and have mixed feelings of the films I review because everyone is entitled to having a different opinion and whilst I may like some films others may not like them or just not be interested in the type of genre the film is and so my audience may have mixed feelings of not liking the films or TV shows I review or they may like them or be persuaded to go and see them based upon my reviews so either way the context of my magazine affects my audience in both a positive and negative way depending on their opinions/likes or interests.