Unit 13: Target audience evaluation

My magazine is fit for my target audience of 12+ as I made sure that my articles didn’t contain any swear words or any complicated language, the only difficult language that my magazine has is film terminology for some of the shots that are used within the films but if my audience do not know what those terms mean then can go on the internet and find the terms out if they need to but I think the shots I mention are self-explanatory for most of them so I feel that my magazine fits in with my target audience because the content for my magazine is non-explicit and therefore is safe for everyone to read, the images and illustrations I have created aren’t mature in any way and so they are also appropriate for my target audience so I feel that my magazine is fit for my audience.

My magazine meets my brief as I knew from the start of the assignment that I wanted to create another magazine and I have fulfilled my brief as I haven’t changed my concept at all and have stuck with it throughout the duration of my assignment. As mentioned above the content within my magazine isn’t explicit in any ways, my reviews don’t contain any swear words or any offensive words so I definitely feel that my use of language is appropriate.

My magazine communicates my concept clearly because from the get go I wanted to create a film magazine and so I feel that it definitely communicates my concept of film reviews and information as my reviews are laid out like a review and if a member of my audience was to pick my magazine up and read it they would instantly know that it is a film and television based magazine.

My magazine is sex/race/age appropriate because anyone that’s considered to be within my target audience can read my magazine also my magazine isn’t defined by gender nor by race as stated in my audience analysis I wanted my magazine to be available to everyone so I definitely feel that my magazine is appropriate for my intended target audience age range but also, it’s appropriate for anyone of any gender or race.

The context of my magazine affects my audience in a mixed way because they could read my reviews and have mixed feelings of the films I review because everyone is entitled to having a different opinion and whilst I may like some films others may not like them or just not be interested in the type of genre the film is and so my audience may have mixed feelings of not liking the films or TV shows I review or they may like them or be persuaded to go and see them based upon my reviews so either way the context of my magazine affects my audience in both a positive and negative way depending on their opinions/likes or interests.


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